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Flexible packages from route specific focus campaigns to saturation programmes for local catchment areas, major conurbations, regions or national coverage…

On average every car in the UK is used for 24 trips a week travelling an average total distance of 132 miles…each week…every car. That is over 4 hours a week that each one of us spends as a driver or passenger in a car…4 hours during which each one of us is receptive to road based advertising*….4 hours during which we can’t switch channels or turn the page!

Posters in Transit was set up to take advantage of this captive audience. Posters in Transit supply advertisers with cost effective campaigns that talk directly to car drivers and passengers alike.

Posters in transit has developed a number of targeted campaign products that meet your advertising budgets and objectives. For more details click on campaigns now.

To enquire further simply register your details, together with a short message and we will send you a rate card and, if you wish, we will get in touch with you to take a detailed brief. We will then report back to you with options and costs for campaigns that meet your marketing objectives, plans and budgets.

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Over 3,000 people per hour will see the vehicle carrying your poster…that is up to 30,000 sightings per day and over three quarters of a million sightings per van per 26-day month** ...and this doesn't include pedestrians

When comparing the cost of our 'Van Backs' campaigns against recent industry figures for other media it is clear that Posters in Transit provides the most cost effective solution for your programmes.

Method Cost per 100 impressions
Direct Mail (Shared Mailing)£1.94
Press Ad£0.49
Static Poster (Roadside)£0.12
Posters in Transit 'Van Backs'£0.06

*Reference: RAC Foundation – The Car in British Society and National Travel Survey 1999 – 2001

**Calculated using 3M ‘Measurement of Vehicle Image Effectiveness’. The final figure will depend on the van’s route and travel times.