Posters In Transit


Posters in Transit has developed a number of impactful and effective advertising products to increase the reach of your campaigns… and your budgets! All graphics are in your audience’s line of sight and enable easy and instant communication of your message. Even when the vans are parked your poster is still working.

Van Backs

'Van Backs' is our most popular format… posters displayed on the rear door panels of clean, white or light silver vans. Use for local, regional or national advertising, to support integrated campaigns or for tactical focussing. Smaller van back campaigns have frequently been used in local catchment areas to support store openings… and vans travelling in and out of business centres during rush hours can effectively communicate targeted commercial messages. ‘Van Backs’ offers the most cost effective, visible and high impact advertising medium on UK roads with large numbers of vehicles available for your campaigns.

Urban Saturation Campaigns

‘Urban Saturation Campaigns’ provides large van numbers in key conurbations and shopping locations for very high visibility communication. ‘Urban Saturation Campaigns’ can be used as local, regional or national stand-alone activity, to support major advertising programmes or as lead actions in integrated marketing activity.

Rural Campaigns

‘Rural Campaigns’ uses vans that spend much of their time travelling on country roads. They visit village and market town locations and are the ideal medium for reaching farming and country living markets. So, if you are selling a 4X4 vehicle, farm products and services or marketing to owners of country mansions ‘Rural Campaigns’ reach your audiences.

Van Wraps

'Van Wraps' carries maximum overall impact from the vans’ sides and back. Van Wraps are ideal for high visibility over a smaller number of selected routes, localised campaigns or longer periods. For larger budgets national 'Van Wraps' can provide major impact in all major conurbations… and 'Van Wraps' also work hard when the vehicle is parked.

Design and Production

Posters in Transit is able to offer a full creative and production service with designs that make the most of ‘Van Backs’ and ‘Van Wraps’ applications. Please contact us for further details…. alternatively, you have the option to use your own design or advertising agency for design and artwork. Please see ‘Specifications’ page for formats.

Track and Report

If you want to monitor the scope of your campaign ‘Track and Report’ gives you detailed information on routes and coverage. We can fit selected vehicles with a tracker to provide in depth information on travel times and locations. Contact us for more information and costs.