Posters In Transit

Artwork Specifications

If you are providing your own artwork, then here are our guidelines. To download our artwork template click here. If however, you would like us to help, then we would be very happy to design your advertisement, from concept through to production.

Supplying Files

You can supply your artwork on CD, DVD or flash drive. We can download artwork from your ftp site, or you can upload to our site.

What we need from you

The artwork files saved as an EPS format or a high quality PDF (with no compression). All fonts need to be converted to outlines or the corresponding font supplied as a TTF file. All images should be embedded and have a resolution of 300dpi (if only lower resolution is possible we would not recommend lower than 150dpi). All colour settings should be CMYK. If you require a very specific colour: please provide a pantone reference for us to match, otherwise we will simply print from your artwork and the final colour will be a result of the CMYK mix (Probably a close match but not necessarily exact).

We use the following software

Adobe Illustrator CS6
Adobe Photoshop CS6

If you wish to supply artwork in Photoshop/Illustrator native formats, this would be acceptable but if you design in any other software please export as an EPS or a high quality PDF. In either case please ensure text is outlined and images are embedded. We do not accept Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher or PowerPoint Documents as artwork files.

Our van fleet contains a number of different makes and models of vans. In most cases we will be able to select vans for each campaign that are similar in panel shape and type but sizes may vary. Poster designs will need to take this into consideration by allowing sufficient bleed area for posters to be trimmed to fit.

We will scale poster designs to fit the variety of shapes and sizes of van makes and models. Sufficient bleed area, as illustrated in the poster below, will be required to enable us to do this.

We use the bleed area shown above to fit the posters to the varying van back shapes, as shown in the pictures below.